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"Discover why Dielle Stoves are efficient and sustainable."

, by ivan santidrian, 3 min reading time

Advantages of installing a Dielle pellet stove Pellet stoves use compressed wood pellets as fuel and are an ecological and economical alternative to traditional heating systems. Dielle's patented technology allows greater control over combustion and heat distribution, resulting in greater energy efficiency and thermal comfort. The advantages of installing a Dielle pellet stove in the home include savings on heating bills, low environmental impact, easy maintenance and cleaning, programming and remote control. Additionally, Dielle stoves are quieter than other pellet stoves thanks to their bloom burner and " Silent " feed control system. In short, Dielle pellet stoves offer an efficient, comfortable and sustainable home heating experience.

Dielle pellet stoves have gained popularity in recent years thanks to their advantages in terms of energy efficiency and low environmental impact. If you are considering installing a pellet stove in your home, here we tell you everything you need to know about the Dielle brand and the advantages its technology offers.

First of all, what is a pellet stove ? It is a heating system that uses pellets, small capsules of compressed wood, as fuel. These stoves are a more ecological and economical alternative to traditional gas or electric stoves, since pellets are a renewable energy source and their price is more stable than that of fossil fuels.

Dielle pellet stoves stand out for their patented technology, which allows greater control over combustion and heat distribution. Thanks to this, these stoves offer greater energy efficiency and greater thermal comfort than other brands on the market.

Among the advantages of installing a Dielle pellet stove in your home, we can highlight:

  1. Savings on your heating bill: Dielle pellet stoves are very fuel efficient, so you can save on your heating costs compared to other heating systems.

  2. Low environmental impact: pellets are a renewable energy source and their combustion emits less CO2 than other fossil energy sources. In addition, Dielle pellet stoves have combustion gas filtering systems that further reduce their environmental impact.

  3. Maintenance and cleaning: Dielle's patented upwelling burner technology feeds the combustion from inside the burner, being a burner system with a self-cleaning brazier, since the pellet that emerges in the combustion eliminates the ash, which falls into the drawer ashtray. This Dielle burner allows greater autonomy of use without the need to clean the burner, which translates into greater and less maintenance.

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  5. Programming and control: Dielle pellet stoves have optional Wi-Fi remote control systems that make them very easy to use and control from a mobile APP when you are away from home.

  6. Dielle stoves are quieter than other pellet stoves thanks to their upwelling burner and their feed control system called "Silent".

    The Dielle upwelling burner uses a patented technique that allows the pellet to burn on the surface of the burner, instead of burning inside the burner. This significantly reduces the noise generated by combustion, since there are no vibrations or noises associated with the pellet falling inside the burner.

    In addition, Dielle's "Silent" feed control system uses a specially designed feed motor to reduce the noise generated by pellet loading, running continuously and thus eliminating the pulse loading that other manufacturers have, which results in a quite annoying charging sound where every time the stove charges you hear the screw click, which also contributes to reducing the noise.

  7. Silent shutdown: Another feature is how extremely quiet the shutdown of Dielle stoves is compared to other stoves with drop feed systems, since a process of 15 minutes or more is not necessary to finish burning and eliminate particles from the brazier.

Don't wait any longer to improve the heating of your home with Dielle stoves! If you are looking for a high quality, quiet and efficient pellet stove, look no further. Dielle offers a wide range of stoves with patented technology that uses upwelling burners and "Silent" feed control systems to offer a unique heating experience.


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