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  • Ester Forno Evo de La Nordica, Estufa de Leña con Horno | Stockestufa – Esangar ✔

    Nordica Extraflame Ester Forno Evo

    Ester Forno Evo by La Nordica is a wood-burning stove with a cooking oven with an interior cast lining and Nordiker material for better operation, great aesthetic performance and fewer emissions. -- Characteristics: • External coating in natural stone • Cast iron door • Cast iron and Nordiker™ interior lining of the hearth with post combustion • Removable ashtray drawer • 22 l porcelain enameled steel oven • Ceramic glass resistant to 750°


  • Isotta Evo | Stock Estufa-Esangar

    Nordica Extraflame Isotta EVO

    The Isotta Evo wood stove Manufactured by La Nórdica Extraflame, it is one of the highest performing functional stoves available on the market. This high-quality enameled stove offers exceptional thermal efficiency and heating power. With its superior draft control, its spacious ashtray with a separate door that covers almost the entire base, and an impressive view of the fire, the Isotta Evo stove is a wise investment that rivals the best stoves in terms of quality and performance. Made from high-quality enameled cast iron, the Isotta Evo wood stove guarantees durability and excellent thermal performance. Weighing 205 kg, it provides exceptional thermal inertia. With a large glass front door for a clear view of the fire and a small cast iron side door for an alternative loading option, this stove offers versatility. It also includes a glass cleaning system and automatic combustion control to regulate firewood consumption. Complies with ECODESIGN regulations.  Characteristics:  - Removable ashtray   - Fully enameled cast iron structure  - Adjustable primary and secondary air  - Afterburning system (very low emissions)  - Front and side loading door  - Ceramic glass  Technical data:  Performance: 82.0  Dimensions: (LxWxH) 790x775x660 mm  Net weight: 205kg  Hourly consumption 3.2 kg/h  Dimensions of the smoke duct 150 mm without tube  Energy label: A+ 


  • Sale -29%Last stock! ISETTA EVO 4.0 | Estufa  de Leña  La Nordica | Stockestufa – Esangar ✔

    Nordica Extraflame ISETTA EVO 4.0

    1 in stock

    Isetta Evo 4.0 Wood Stove: Rustic Heating Solution The Isetta Evo 4.0 wood stove from the La Nórdica brand is the perfect complement for any home looking for a rustic and efficient heating solution. Made from high-quality cast iron , this stove is built to last and bring long-lasting, cozy warmth to your living space. With its advanced combustion technology, the Isetta Evo 4.0 can burn wood efficiently, making it an eco-friendly choice for your home. Say goodbye to high heating bills and hello to comfortable, affordable warmth with Isetta Evo 4.0. Isetta Evo 4.0 is not only a practical heating solution, but it is also a beautiful addition to any home decor. Its rustic design and cast iron finish make it a timeless piece that combines perfectly with any interior design style. The large glass stove door provides an unobstructed view of the fire, adding a touch of warmth and comfort to your living space. Impress your guests with the elegant design and functionality of the Isetta Evo 4.0. The Isetta Evo 4.0 is efficient and elegant but also safe and reliable for your family. It is a cast iron stove that is equipped with advanced safety features such as a primary and secondary air regulator, a high temperature resistant glass door and an air washing system that keeps the glass door clean and free of soot and ashes With its simple and robust design, Isetta Evo 4.0 is easy to operate and maintain, making it a reliable heating solution for your family. Characteristics: - Removable ashtray - Fully enameled cast iron structure - Adjustable primary and secondary air - Afterburning system (very low emissions) - Front and side loading door - Ceramic glass Technical data: Dimensions : (LxWxH) 660x706x590 mm Performance : 83.6 Net weight : 160 Kg Hourly consumption : 2 kg/h Combustion gas outlet : 150 mm S/P OFFER: Last unit New exhibition

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  • Candy 4.0 de La Nórdica Estufa de leña | Stock Estufa-Esangar

    Nordica Extraflame Candy 4.0

    Candy wood stove made of varnished cast iron for unlimited durability and great heat transfer to the environment. High thermal performance. -- Cast iron wood stove Characteristics:  • Stove made entirely of varnished cast iron • Cast iron hearth and Nordiker™ with pre-calibrated afterburner system • Ceramic crystal resistant up to 750°C


  • ASIA BIL | Stock Estufa-Esangar

    Nordica Extraflame ASIA BIL

    ASIA BII wood stove | Perfect combination of style and functionality.   The ASIA BII wood stove ! This robust and sophisticated wood stove is the perfect way to keep you warm and comfortable even on the coldest winter nights. Made with the highest quality materials and with an elegant and modern design, the ASIA BII wood stove is as elegant as it is efficient . Its compact , streamlined silhouette means it will fit perfectly into any home, while its impressive heating output will ensure your whole family stays cozy and warm no matter how cold it gets outside.     Wood stove nordic stove Domestic heating Energy efficient Ecological Characteristics: Cast iron hearth with post-combustion system. Exterior stone cladding cast iron doors Ceramic glass that resists up to: 750° vain portaleña Yield: 81.3% Dimensions (LxHxW): 438x930x470 mm Net weight: 159kg Hourly expenditure: 1.7 kg/h Smoke discharge diameter: (Ø) 120 mm Sup Energy label: A+ heated: 172 m3 Rated thermal power: 6.0 kW


Nordica Extraflame | Stockestufa-Esangar

Durable stoves La Nordica-Extraflame

Embrace the Italian heat: La Nordica-Extraflame stoves:

Enjoy the perfect blend of traditional aesthetics and contemporary performance with La Nordica-Extraflame wood stoves. Made in the heart of Italy, these stoves embody the elegance and sophistication that Italian design is known for. From the careful selection of durable materials to precision in manufacturing, every detail ensures that you enjoy consistent heat with a stunning visual experience of dancing flames.

Durable and reliable:

La Nordica-Extraflame heating appliances are more than temporary items; They are long-term investments in the comfort and style of your home. Built to last with premium materials, each stove is a testament to Italian craftsmanship and long-lasting performance. The combination of robust construction and timeless design ensures that your stove remains at the heart of your home for years to come, providing warmth and joy to all generations.

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